Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive-2022 ( Top 12 Reasons)

Office chairs are manufactured with the unique requirement that they will be comfortable for the employees where they can sit for hours without getting any harm. The question arises why are the office chairs so expensive?

As we know, when something makes our living better will charge a higher amount. As with office chairs, they are made up of the best quality materials that ensure our health, safety, and much more. Generally, we gave 40 to 45 hours to an office in a week while sitting and working continuously.

Many people ask for the main reason for the expense of an office chair. Today, we will discuss the top factors behind the expense of these chairs. So, read this article till the end because it will answer all your questions regarding this topic.

Top 12 Reasons Behind Office Chairs Expensiveness:

There are a lot of reasons behind the expense of an office chair few of them are listed below:

1: Quality Material

The topmost reason behind the expense of an office chair is the raw material used in its manufacturing. Wood, metal, and plastic are used for manufacturing office chairs.

Suitable quality materials also charge higher than the normal ones because they offer a longer lifespan than an office chair. You can also get an office chair at an average price, but it would be made of cheap material. So, for a better quality product, you must pay more.

2: Comfortable

The more comfortable an office chair is, the more an employee can work properly. So, when a chair provides comfort to us, then it will also cost it.

3: Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomic adjustments are one of the top reasons behind costly office chairs. It will help people adjust their chairs as per their size and position so they can sit and work without getting any harm or irritation.

4: Warranty

Warranty is another factor behind the expense of office chairs. When a manufacturer gives a product warranty, it means they built it with high-quality material. This will also guarantee the long lifespan of the chair, and you didn’t have to change the chair again and again.

5: Customization

The office chair requirements change as per the person who has to sit on it and work for hours. The size may also vary from one person to another or the working environment. In this modern era, the color combination is considered to play a vital role in the interior design of an office.

So, all these factors require a good customization service that is only possible from good manufacturers. The customization feature can also affect the overall cost of an office chair.

6: Famous Brands

Many brands increase the cost of their products because of the brand’s reputation. When we purchase something from a well-known brand, we have to pay more than the normal ones. And these prices may vary from brand to brand.

7: Research &Development

A good office chair cannot be made without researching the requirements and applying the best technology in its manufacturing. For example, with the help of doctors, it has been studied which position the employees can sit that will never cause spinal injury or muscle fatigue, etc.

8: Advanced Features

The cost of an office chair depends on the features that are being offered by it. Today these chairs are manufactured with great functionality that makes an employee sit more comfortably compared to the old chairs. These features include:

9: Back /Lumber Support

Back support is the top feature a customer has ever looked at because a bad back will cause severe injuries for the person sitting on it for hours. So, a good chair offers adjustability that helps you to sit in a position that will be comfortable for your back.

10: Adjust Height

The height adjustment features are the common feature offered by all office chairs, but they are never guaranteed to provide the best setting for you. So, a good office chair provides more smooth and unique ways of adjusting the chair’s height.

11: Reclining

Even if we sit correctly on the chair, we may feel some strain on our bodies as we sit for hours. So, this feature allows us to adjust our sitting position without disturbing or back support.

12: Armrests

The armrests help us work more comfortably, especially when we have to type most of the time. Adjustable armrests are also one of the best features for an office chair that can fulfill the needs of any employee.


These are the major causes for why office chairs are so expensive. We hope that you have got all the answers to this question. But if you have any queries, then you can post a comment. Our experts will guide you regarding the problem you are facing.


What kind of warranty?

The warranty on the most luxurious chairs is more than 1 year. Manufacturers may offer more or less than five years of warranty.

Is an adjustable chair right for me?

An ideal chair can be extremely helpful if you spend a long time sitting or suffer from back or shoulder pain. In the absence of any specialized instructions, you might be ready to use your usual office chair.

How much should a chair cost?

Ultimately, it boils down to what you prefer and is willing to pay for. There can be a large gap in cost between an ideal chair and a regular workplace chair. The cost of an ideal chair can range in price from $50 to $ 5,000.