Respawn 110 Pro Review In 2023-(Full Guide)

An excellent gaming chair is essential to your gaming setup if you are a game lover and play online games almost every day. Similarly, if your chair is uncomfortable or you don’t feel it is easy to sit on your chair, it will ruin your gaming experience. For your ease, we will give you the Respawn 110 Pro review.

Therefore, your priority is buying a comfortable chair to sit on, enjoy playing games, and avoid health problems. We tried many gaming chairs and selected Respawn 110 Pro as one of the best.

We tried this chair and found the features very impressive and excellent. We hope it will suit your requirements and taste just like ours. So, let’s check out all the great features it offers its users.

Feature Respawn 110 Pro 2023

Respawn 110 Pro Review.
  • Brand                                  RESPAWN
  • Product Dimension          28″D x 26.4″W x 51.2″H
  • Base Movement               Swivel
  • Seat Material                    Foam
  • Item Weight                     46.3 Pounds

Durable Frame

The chair has a durable and robust metallic frame that is strong enough to handle about 275 lb.

Weight without shaking. Moreover, the five-star base successfully holds the load of the chair and the person sitting on it. As the chair can bear lots of weight, everyone can sit on it without fear of falling.

Well-Cushioned Seat & Back

It is a big size chair to accommodate tall people. Also, the padding on the seat, armrests, and back gives you great comfort and lumbar support.

While you get a break during the game sessions, this padding feels luxurious, and you can spread your body to get more comfortable.

155-Degree Reclining

Just lean back to recline your chair and spread your body as it offers you reclining positions 90 – 155 degrees. Also, you can lock your reclining angle for your safety. So, so take a break while you get tired, lean back, and enjoy the extreme relaxation.

Extendable Footrest

You can see an extendable footrest under the seat at the bottom of the chair. Also, it folds back while not in use. Just unfold it if you want to put your feet on it and fold it back while you don’t need it. It moves smoothly and efficiently.

Excellent Construction

The Respawn 110 Pro is ideal for working and playing online games. Besides, it comes with a fantastic and lovely design.

This beautiful chair makes your living room, bedroom, or office more decorative. It looks pretty wherever you put it; however, it gets more space because of its size.

Adjustable Pillow

Like other good-quality gaming chairs, Respawn 110 Pro has an adjustable and removable pillow. This pillow also comprises sufficient padding to provide comfort.

You can adjust its location as the cushion is removable. So, set your buffer at the place where you need it. Mainly, it brings more comfort when you put it under your neck or behind your lower back.

Adjustable Seat Height

Another vital feature you can avail of while using this gaming chair is adjustable seat height. You can lift the chair and bring it down according to size and comfort. So, people of different sizes and measurements can avail this feature.

Pros and Cons


  • Removable pillow to adjust its location
  • Sufficient padding on seat and armrests
  • Five-star durable base
  • Up to 155-degree Reclining with lock
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble the pieces


  • The armrests become loose soon.

Users’ Reviews

While you read the various reviews the users give, you learn more about the product. We also read those reviews that we are going to share here

  • According to a satisfied user, this chair has made gaming sessions more exciting because his back doesn’t hurt during long gaming sessions.
  • Another user appreciates the soft and comfy padding that gives him great lumbar support in his lower back area.
  • Some of the users are happy because of the reclining positions as they lean back while they want to rest during the game sessions.
  • On the other hand, a user mentioned the armrests that became wobbly after a few months of use. However, he fixed them again, and the chair was good to work.


After reading our Respawn 110 Pro review, we hope you understand that investing in this excellent chair won’t disappoint you. We tried this chair and experienced extreme comfort during the long gaming sessions.

Therefore, we suggest you get this fantastic chair model if you want to experience more ease and enjoy game sessions.

The chair has a soft and well-padded seat and improves the sitting angle while providing great lumbar support. Similarly, you will avoid health problems and wrong sitting posture.

Dear friends, if you still want to know more about the product, leave a note in the comment box below. We will respond to your queries as earlier as we can. Enjoy your exciting gaming sessions.