Real Relax 2022 S Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Review-2023

Everyone feels comfort at home after a long day working in the office or other workplace. Therefore, read the Real Relax 2022 S Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chairs review.

It is where we share our joys and sorrows with our family. However, it only fulfills our emotional requirements. We want a deep tissue massage that provides us peace of mind and whole-body relaxation.

While you use a massage chair, not only does it gives you extreme comfort but also you find both mental and physical relief. Let’s read this review to find out the fantastic features of this massage chair.

Features of this Massage Chair 2022

Real Relax 2022 S Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair..
  • Brand                                    Real Relax
  • Product Dimensions            52″D x 27″W x 43″H   
  • Item Weight                         169 pounds
  • Frame Material                         Iron

Robots Hands Rollers

The chair offers a nice massage with the robot’s hand rollers. These S track rollers work exceptionally well on neck and back areas while relieving the pain and stress.

Moreover, you feel peace of mind and relaxation throughout your body. It makes the stiffed muscles relaxed and boosts blood circulation also.

Voice Control

The Real Relax S Track massage chair has a fantastic feature that is not available in most other chair models. It is a voice control feature.

This excellent feature doesn’t need to use even your single finger to command your chair to start massaging while speaking with it. Also, you can change the massage function with this intelligent voice control.

Easy Remote Control

The chair includes an easy-to-use remote control that comprises buttons on it. Moreover, the wide LCD screen shows the functions and the massage features.

Even you can see on the screen which area of your body is getting a massage. Even beginners can use the remote control easily as the functions are informal and more accessible.

Bluetooth Speakers

While you are getting a massage, you can enjoy your favorite music by connecting Bluetooth speakers with your device.

You can enjoy listening to podcasts or your favorite music during the massage session. So, we suggest you try this excellent chair to enjoy music while experiencing a nice massage.

Zero Gravity Recline

Relax your body with the zero gravity reclining angle that your chair offers to you. Moreover, while you lay back in a full reclining position, you will feel like you are sleeping in your bed. You can stretch your back and legs and get a nice deep tissue massage. So, you will relax not only physically but also mentally.

Heat Therapy

The chair also offers excellent heat therapy in your lower back area. This heat therapy relaxes your lower back pain and relieves the stiffed muscles in the area. Also, the neck massage relaxes the neck muscles, and you feel great comfort after a tiring long work day.

Two rear wheels allow the chair to move smoothly on the floor. The chair compresses your feet, arms, hips, and shoulders and relaxes you.

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy to put the parts together
  • Excellent massage on all points where you need
  • Complete recline feature
  • Voice control 
  • Beautiful design


  • Lack of padding under the lower back area. 

Users’ Reviews

So many users give reviews about the product. We are mentioning here some of them. Let’s have a look at them.

  • A user feels uncomfortable while getting a massage on his lower back. He says there should be more padding at the rollers behind his back. However, he saw a pocket and inserted a small cushion, which improved.
  • Another user finds the chair super easy to assemble. There are some screws to build it, and after just fifteen minutes, he put it together without difficulty.
  • Many users find it challenging to move around because of its weight.
  • Most of the users comment about the ease and comfort of the chair. They enjoyed the massage techniques it offers. Also, they feel relaxed to get a nice massage with heat therapy. Consequently, this is an exceptional chair model with this price tag.


Everyone feels comfortable and relaxed being at home. Especially after a long day’s fatigue, everybody wants to have a relaxing massage while sitting at home. So, a high-quality recliner with a massage feature suits them the best.

For your convenience, we tried to give you Real Relax 2022 S Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chairs review. Try this excellent massage chair to experience a next-level massage that is amazing.

It will give you a deep kneading massage with heat therapy. Moreover, it’ll justify your decision to invest in this product. If you want to provide suggestions or ask anything, leave your note in the comment below. We will love to answer your queries as earlier as possible.