Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic office chair has a beautiful design that gives comfortable lumbar support while improving sitting posture. It will enhance the beauty of your living room, bedroom, or office and provide excellent support to your back and neck.

Hopefully, it will be helpful for you. Let’s look at the fantastic features you will enjoy while sitting on it.

Features of this Brand 2022

Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair Review
  • Brand                               Nouhaus
  • Frame Material               Iron
  • Product Dimensions   16.33″D x 22.05″x39.57″H
  • Special Feature                          Manual
  • Base                                           Aluminum
  • Base Movement                          Swivel

Adjustable Armrests

The chair comes with 4D adjustable armrests. So, you can adjust the positions of these armrests according to your ease and comfort.

Occasionally, you need to rest your arms during work, which is the time to adjust the armrests. Similarly, you can move the armrest back, forward, side to side, up, down, and even rotate to change your position.

135 Degree Tilt

The back of the chair tilts up to 135 degrees, sufficient to lay down your back while taking a break from work. If you are a person who needs to spend hours & hours on a chair, this model is best for you. While you get tired, tilt your chair back and relax your spine.

ElastoMesh Seat & Back

The material used on the seat and back is made with breathable mesh that will keep you dry. The air circulates through this net to prevent you from sweating.

Moreover, this material is suitable for summer as the air passes through the net well and keeps you out of sweat. It hugs your back well and reduces the pain as the seat is soft and non-sticky.

Smooth wheels

The product comes with two sets of silent and smooth wheels. One set for everyday usage and the other for wooden floors.

They roll silently and smoothly, and you will love the smooth gliding as you move your chair. Also, the wheels won’t create marks on your floor or carpet as they are non-marking casters.

Stable Base

The five-point base makes the chair non-shaky and stable. Also, the dual castors offer incredible strength and grip to the chair compared to the single castor chairs.

On the other hand, the iron frame allows the chair to bear heavy weight, such as up to 275 lb. So, heavy-weight people can sit on a chair without fear of falling off.

Available in Different Colors

As the chair comes in four exciting colors, you can select the color according to your choice. Similarly, you can choose a color that matches the furniture of your living room, bedroom, or office.

The option is up to you to select from four colors Gray, Black, Brilliant Blue, or Burgundy. Honestly, every color is fantastic and will enhance the décor of your place.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides excellent ease and comfort
  • Informal assembly
  • Good quality material
  • Silent and smooth rollers
  • It helps to reduce the lower back pain
  • Beautiful design 


  • The bar under the seat feels hard while you sit on it.

Users’ Reviews

  • A user said in the comment box that her husband had two lower back surgeries, and this chair allowed him to work for the whole day. Besides, it is so comfortable that her husband can lean back easily. Also, it gives him great lower back support.
  • Another user mentions that it is straightforward to assemble just in fifteen minutes. The small parts and screws arrived well-wrapped. The assembly directions were well-described, and he quickly joined all the pieces.

Some users faced difficulty assembling the chair as the small parts didn’t get locked at first. So, he emailed the company, and they sent him the picture mentioning how to line up the lock. He recommends that chair due to the excellent and quick customer service.

A user says he used to sit in his old chair that always put his legs numbed. However, this chair solved that problem, and now he doesn’t face that issue.

He works all day comfortably on this chair with great ergonomics and lower back support. 


If you spend lots of your time on an office chair, this ergonomic chair is the best option. The Nouhaus is amazingly luxurious that improves your body posture. This chair makes it possible for you to do your work more efficiently. So, try this fantastic product to relax your body while working the whole day.

We hope you will find this Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic office chair review beneficial and will try this once. If there is something that you want to ask about the chair. Leave us a note in the comment section below.