Gtracing Gaming Chair Review-2023

For those who want to play online games while enjoying Bluetooth music, the Gtracing Gaming Chair is the best option for them. This chair model is lovely to enjoy and relax.

Not only will it improve your sitting posture but also you will feel your whole-body muscles getting relaxed. In this review, you will read all the fantastic features of the Gtracing Gaming chair. Let’s dive into it.

Feature Gtracing Gaming Chair 2022

GTRACING Gaming Chair.
  • Product Dimensions             20.86″D x 21.26″W
  • Brand                                      Gtracing
  • Item Weight                           48 pounds
  • Special Feature                     Adjustable
  • Frame Material                     Alloy steel

Bluetooth Speakers

On the back wings of the chair, there are two built-in Bluetooth speakers. These speakers deliver crystal clear sound with exceptional bass. So, while sitting on your chair, you will enjoy the excellent stereo sound system.

It can make your environment amazing with your favorite music tracks. Your chair just needs to be connected to Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

Easy to Connect

You can easily connect the chair with your mobile, PC, tablet, laptop, and other Bluetooth devices.

Once you connect it, you will enjoy the theatre-like atmosphere and play games or listen to your favorite music. Furthermore, the Bluetooth speakers offer sixteen hours of non-stop music.

Durable Metallic Frame

The frame of the chair is constructed with solid and durable metal. Moreover, the seat offers excellent lumbar support to your spine. So, you won’t get tired sitting on the chair for extended periods.

On the other hand, the well-cushioned seat and back offer complete relaxation. A thick padded back and seat and retractable footrest are perfect for relaxing your muscles.

Adjustable Positions

You will get multiple adjustable positions offered by the chair. For instance, you can adjust the height of the armrest and footrest according to your convenience.

Similarly, you can adjust the seat height from 90 to 155 degrees. So, relax while sitting on your gaming chair and enjoy playing games.

Removable Headrest and Lumbar Cushion

As the headrest and lumbar pillow are removable, you can put them under your neck, back, or wherever you want support to relax.

It will provide your muscles with extra support to avoid pain or stiffness. These well-padded cushions also bring comfort to your sitting posture.

Good Quality Upholstery

The excellent quality foam makes the chair extremely comfortable. Also, the seat, back, and pillows offer great relaxation while sitting for extended periods.

As the material is good and of excellent quality, it will not tear or break down easily or with more and more usage. So, feel free to sit on your chair for more fun while enjoying the music.

Beautiful Design

Apart from all these fantastic functions and features, the chair has a beautiful design. It looks incredible whether you put it in your lounge, bedroom, living room, or office.

You can also use it for playing games, studying or relaxing. Indeed, the chair will enhance the décor of your place while adding extra elegance and comfort.

Bluetooth Adapter

As the chair works with Bluetooth technology, you can use the Bluetooth adapter to connect the chair with so many devices.

For instance, Xbox, ps4 & ps5, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. However, remember that the chair doesn’t come with this adapter, and you must buy it separately.

Non-Shaky Base

The five-star base is solid and non-shaky. Even healthy and fat people can sit on it without fear of falling. It doesn’t shake and disbalance while you sit and swivel it.

Moreover, it can swivel up to 360 degrees. You can find Gtracing Gaming chairs in a series of colors. So, get your favorite color matching your room furniture.

Pros and Cons


  • Great lumbar support
  • Comfortable adjustments
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient armrests and footrests
  • Silent and smooth wheels
  • The Bluetooth works well


  • The seat is a little hard

Users’ Reviews

  • A user stated that the product came on time and was packed well. He faced an issue regarding a small part of the chair. He claimed that to the company, and they fixed the problems pleasantly. So, he claims that the customer service is excellent
  • Another user says the chair is easy to assemble just in ten minutes. Moreover, the Bluetooth speakers work exceptionally well and make the surroundings full of the crystal-clear sound of music.
  • A satisfied user says he wants to recommend this chair to people who used to sit on a gaming chair for hours and hours. He adds in his comment that it will improve their sitting posture while they will sit on it for the whole day.
  • One of the users faced difficulty assembling it as it took him 1 to 2 hours to join the parts
  • Another user says this chair offers more features than its price. Its excellent quality and material inspire him. So, he strongly recommends it.


We hope our review will give you detailed information about the Gtracing Gaming Chair. The choice is up to you. You can research more and more to find a good quality gaming chair available online. However, we strongly suggest you try this chair model as we tested it and recommend it.

If you want to know more about the chair, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will love to answer your queries as soon as possible. Enjoy playing exciting online games and have fun.