8 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2023-Games Lover.

A gaming Chairs under $200 is a friendly budget for everyone. A gaming chair can bring so much ease to the life of gamers and office professionals. If you are spending a lot of time on the PCs for work and as a Pro Gamer, you might have already been suffering from fatigue and back pain.

A good gaming chair can save you from all such health issues. The price is the only problem that restricts most people from buying a gaming chair. You can find a gaming chair for $500 to $1000; yes, they are expensive.

But many reliable companies are also manufacturing similar comfortable gaming chairs within your budget. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best eight gaming chairs that will fall into your budget of $200 or under. They are reliable and narrowed down into our list after thorough research. Let us review them one by one for you!

Comparison Table Gaming Chairs $200 2023

GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRacing Gaming Chair

  • The incline angle of this chair is around 90° to 170°
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  • Reline angle up to 90 – 155
  • 4D armrest with adjustable mode
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AutoFull Gaming Chair

AutoFull Gaming Chair

  • inclination from 90 to 150 degrees.
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NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

  • Reclination up to 180-degree
  • built USB-operated massager in the waist pillow and the head pillow
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Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair 

Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair 

  • 90-150 degrees and spins around 360 degrees.
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Qulomvs Big Tall Gaming Chair<strong data-lazy-src=
  • Large and roomy seat
  • USB Electric Massager
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KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

  • The recline angle is up to 90-175 degree
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Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax Gaming Chair

  • Inclined angle 90-180 degree
  • USB Massage Function
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Top 8 Best Gaming Chairs under 200

1. RESPAWN RSP-110 (Best Gaming Chairs under $200)

RESPAWN is the brand that consistently offers the best and best products in the market. One of its best designs, the RSP-110 chair, is made just for gamers. So, the player can enjoy their extended playing session without feeling restless. This is a relaxing gaming chair without excessive side bolstering. They are specially designed for gamers. 

  • Ergonomic Design: This ergonomic chair has segmented padding that provides finely contoured support when and where you need it most. It also has an adjustable footrest to help you maintain your position. Padded armrests, an adjustable headrest, and lumbar support cushions contribute to overall comfort.
  • Material: Faux Leather is used, which gives a professional and classy look at the same time.
  • Weight and capacity: The weight of this chair is 46.5 lbs, and it can carry up to 275 lbs.
  • Recline Angle: The chair can bend to 90 – 155 degrees and rotate around 360 degrees.
  • Multiple functions: Although this racecar-style gaming chair is intended for gaming, it may also be suited for workplace and study tasks


  • 4D armrest with adjustable mode
  • Reline angle up to 90 – 155
  • Extra padding
  • foldable footrest
  • 4D adjustability
  • Solid and sturdy metal frame
  • Dynamic movement
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


  • Limited incline angle

2. NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

NOKAXUS Gaming Chair is not just made with comfort, but the manufacturer has also focused on safety. The brand concept guarantees customer satisfaction since they are using high-density cushioning and a sturdy frame to ensure quality, safety, and comfort at the same time.

NOKAXUS Gaming Chair
  • High-quality Material: The chair has a high-density sponge covered with PU leather. The wide backrest ensures comfort and better support for the spine. Moreover, the height of the chair is adjustable and gives 360 degrees of rotation too.
  • Safety at its peak: All chair parts are made with SGS-certified material. The large-sized PU wheels not just support the chair but also protect your wooden floors from scratches. Other than that, SGS Class 7 barometer provides you with safe and smooth seat-lifting functions.
  • USB-operated Massage function:  The chair has an in-built USB-operated massager in the waist pillow and the head pillow that provide you with relaxing vibrations after a long day. Moreover, the inclination angles from 60-degree to 180 degrees support this function well.
  • 1-year warranty: The NOKAXUS gaming chair comes with 1 year of warranty for the free exchange and installation of the parts. This warranty also includes the replacement of damaged parts and missing parts as well.


  • Soft and high-density Leather padding
  • Decent frame quality
  • Upgraded Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable waist pillow and head pillow
  • Reclination up to 180-degree
  • Massage function included


  • The adjustable armrests are a bit tricky
  • The rectangular footrest looks tacky

3. GTRacing Gaming Chair

GT Racing gaming chair is well known for its reliability and comfortability.   Due to its unique reclining angle and sturdy construction, this chair may be used in various settings. It also includes excellent padding. It is a terrific option for any potential user because it also has many features.

GTRACING Gaming Chair
  • Ergonomic Design: After long hours of play or work, the sturdy metal frame is designed to keep you comfortable. The thickly cushioned back and seat raise the level of comfort in this chair.
  • Weight and Capacity: The chair weight is 48 lbs, and the capacity to carry weight is up to 250 lbs.
  • Incline Angle: The incline angle of this chair is around 90° to 170° and swivels up to 360°.
  • Pleasant Sitting Experience: This chair is comfortable to sit in, and it is an excellent option for working, studying, and playing. It will also make your place look more stylish and modern and increase comfort.

4. AutoFull Gaming Chair

The AutoFull Gaming chair is yet another best gaming chairs with eye0ctaching Ergonomic design. Moreover, the chair has a handful of features, making it an ideal choice for pro gamers and office professionals working long hours.

Besides its feature, the main highlights are the replacement and money-back guarantee the company gives for 36 months of use.

AutoFull Gaming Chair
  • Quality Material: The chair frame is made from sturdy metal with a heavy-duty nylon base. Moreover, the SGS-certified cylinder is also included as an extra safety measure. Overall, the seat cushion is enclosed in PU leather and carbon fiber for that touch of softness and comfort.
  • Comfortable design: You will notice a thick backseat of around 13 cm for extra cushioning. The lumbar pillow is highly adjustable so that you can not get tired from fatigue. Furthermore, the chair wheels can move and rotate 360 degrees.
  • Highly adjustable: You will find the seat height adjustable along with the 2D armrest, headrest, and even the lumbar pillow according to your height and comfort level.
  • Capacity and Incline Angles: The chair can withstand the capacity of 350 lbs and has a range of inclination from 90 to 150 degrees.


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Comfortable thick lumber and seat cushioning
  • Inclined angle 90-155 degree
  • Adjustable armrest, headrest, and lumber pillow
  • 36-month parts replacement service


  • No footrest included

5. Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair 

A perfect seat is built of high-density thicker sponge and black and carbon fiber leather of the highest quality. The construction is extremely sturdy and includes a tubular steel frame, plastic, a headrest, and freely adjustable lumbar support.

Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair
  • Material: This gaming chair is made up of smooth PU leather, which is skin friendly. It has smooth-rolling casters which are anti-scratch and protect the floor. Class-3 Explosion-proof gas springs are used in its structure; the frame is made up of alloy steel.
  • Design: It has a fresh look, ergonomic design, gorgeous patterns, and smooth lines, which make this chair very elegant. Makers specially focused on the comfort level of the use. Ideal for use at work, home, conferences, and gaming chairs
  • Adjustable Features: You can customize the footrest and height to your comfort level. After playing a game for a long time or working hard, these characteristics help to relieve strain and restlessness.
  • Bending Adjustability: The gaming chair can bend around 90-150 degrees and spins around 360 degrees.
  • Weight and capacity: The chair weighs 43.1 lbs and has a total of 300 lbs to carry the load.


  • Affordable price
  • Alloy Steel
  • Available in different colors
  • Soft cushioning


  • Not adjustable armrest
  • Cannot bend up to 150 degrees
  • The footrest is not available.

6. Qulomvs Big Tall Gaming Chair 

The huge and tall gaming chair from Qulomvs is primarily focused on one thing: giving gamers with more significant body types the most satisfaction possible. If you’re looking for a huge gaming chair, it performs that function admirably.

This tall racing-type gaming chair is made to be used in a variety of settings, including the workplace, study area, and gaming.

Qulomvs Big Tall Gaming Chair
  • Material: Metal construction gives the frame its strength and sturdiness. The integrated frame has an explosive-proof gas spring and a smooth rolling caster that makes it extra sturdy. Moreover, its sturdy metal base aids in carrying the most weight possible.
  • Comfortable seating: The seat uses memory foam which keeps the shape of your body to provide maximum comfort. Not just that, this memory foam is also used in lumber support and seat cushion.
  • Ergonomic Design: It features an ergonomic design, is large and tall, and is cozy for people of various sizes. An adjustable footrest and lumbar cushion can significantly reduce tiredness and increase your comfort level. The armrest has thickened.
  • Weight and Capacity: Weight is about 400 lbs and can bear a load up to 43.03 lbs.
  • Inclined angle: It can bend between 90-135 degrees and swivel around 360 degrees.


  • Large and roomy seat
  • Sponge and soft cushioning
  • Retractable footrest
  • USB Electric Massager
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Multiple task convenience
  • Easy to assemble


  • Reclined angles need to increase.
  • Lack the adjustability of the armrest

7. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

The KILLABEE gaming chair, as its name suggests, is crammed with killer features to outperform the competition at an affordable price. Compared to other gaming chairs, the functionality, comfort, and adjustability you receive here are unsurpassed for the price.

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair
  • Design and Material: The material Polyurethane is used. It features a thick, soft seat cushion, a retractable, padded footrest, strengthened armrests, and an ultra-high backrest that cradles and supports your neck and spine while softly hugging your body. Our gaming chair offers the highest level of comfort. With its height-regulating mechanism, this gaming chair is simple to adapt to fit your office or computer desk.
  • USB Electric Massager: The integrated USB electric massager placed in the Lumber Pillow helps the player relax their spine after a long gaming session.
  • Fit for all: The dimension of this chair is more spacious than other gaming chairs and suitable for all body types.
  • Weight and capacity: Its weight is 43.4lbs and its capacity to carry weight is 250lbs


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lumber padding with massage function
  • The seat material is Memory Foam
  • The recline angle is up to 90-175 degree
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Fixed Armrest
  • No neck pillow

8. Homall Gaming Chair

This Homall inexpensive ergonomic chair has a design that fits your natural shape and stretches from the back to your shoulders. This chair is so comfy, and you can choose from a selection of colors and furniture-grade PU leather to get the perfect piece.

Homall Gaming Chair
  • Sturdy Construct: Steel that is 1.8 mm thick is used to construct the frame, providing durability and stability.
  • Recline Angle range: The chair offers reclined angles from 90° to 180°.
  • Highly Adjustable: The fantastic features like Reclining and Rocking, tilt lock mechanism, soft armrests, and extra seating height adjustments for tall people. It can offer Height Adjustment from 17.3 to 21.5 inches.
  • Comfort Cushioning: This affordable, comfy gaming chair boasts premium high-density shaping cushions that make it exceptionally comfortable and ensures that it lasts considerably longer than other types due to flexibility.  

Buying Guide Before you buy a product

It is necessary to read the buying guide before you purchase the chair.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind neck support gaming chairs cannot be overstated.
  • The most essential thing you should check for when buying a chair is the degree of comfort it provides.
  •  A good quality chair made from sturdy material is most desirable.
  •  If you find any fault in the chair, then you can easily replace it if the company’s warranty covers it.

Chair Type

A gaming chair should be selected after reviewing a variety of factors. Choosing the right chair is crucial. Game chairs come in four different types, including rocking chairs, racing chairs, desk chairs, and tables. Consider your convenience when choosing a chair

Functionalities that can be changed

Gamers have many options when it comes to gaming chairs under $200. By using it, you can customize the chair’s cradle, straps, and back comfortably. You can sit relaxed in this chair for a long time without getting tired because of its flexible capabilities. So, make certain you buy a gaming chair with a range of adjustments.

Feeling at ease

While buying a gaming chair, you should consider your personal comfort as well as the shape of the chair. The right posture is important for gamers, and your chair should support your back and posture well. The right size of armrests is also important, as your gaming chair will be used for hours at a time.

Look of chair

In choosing a best gaming chairs under $200, it is important to think about its design. It is important to choose a chair that is supportive, well-designed, and has an arm that can be adjusted. Your room’s color can also impact the look. The chair you pick should be the perfect match for your home, whatever your tastes are.

Final Verdict

Gaming chairs are put forth for gamers and office professional to focus on their PCs without having a lousy seating posture and fatigue from sitting for long hours. That’s why we have compiled this list of the eight best gaming chairs for you. Here is the catch: we have included chairs below the price tag of $200 and even below $100.

Still thinking over the top 3 products you should buy, then we recommend RESPAWN RSP-110, NOKAXUS Gaming Chair, and the last one is GT Racing gaming chair This gaming chair is built with comfort and flexibility, and the best thing is that it will cost under $200.


  1. How Do I Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

    It is important to think about ease of use when buying a gaming chair. In order to minimize long-term pain, you’ll want to look for options that will protect your back and prevent it from stiffening up.
    For long gameplay sessions, a seating position with a comfortable seat and features that can be adjusted is ideal. Long-term gaming requires a solid design and a supportive chair and footrest. 

  2. Can you sit all day in a gaming chair?

    Gamers’ chairs are designed to provide comfort all day long. It is common for gamers to spend a lot of time in front of computers.
    As a result, they sit for long periods of time. Choosing the best gaming chair will minimize the negative effects of sitting for hours, despite the fact that it’s not a healthy habit. Be sure to choose a soft and flexible chair of high quality.

  3. When it comes to gaming chairs, what makes them unique?

    You can find more neck support in gaming chairs because their seat backs are higher than those found in office chairs. In addition to this, desk chairs also look more stylish.