Are Massage Chairs Safe During pregnancy?-2022

The benefits of massage are undeniable. Massage chairs save during pregnancy, on the other hand, is debatable. Pregnant women need to use these chairs cautiously since they may cause issues, even though they are an excellent idea.

According to some studies, chairs with heat sources may also be harmful to the developing fetus. You should take certain measures to avoid problems when using pregnancy massage chairs.

Massage Chairs Working During Pregnancy:

Massage chairs accomplish the pressing and massaging of the body via motor-induced mechanical motions and vibrations. The massage chairs are primarily designed to imitate the hand motions and skills of a masseur. This is their principal function. Most massage chairs are based on either the Swedish or Shiatsu massage methods, which are both quite well-known.

The chair’s pressure nodes and rollers provide massage motions that may be directed to specific parts of the body. The included heated pads further enhance the calming effect of certain massage chairs. Sitting on a chair allows the user to experience a calming comfort similar to a massage.

When it is best to prevent using a massage chair while pregnant:

You do not have to use an electric massage chair if you are concerned about using one when pregnant. You may skip it at any moment. The first trimester and the final four weeks of a person’s pregnancy may be the most unpleasant times for them to experience it.

In addition, you should probably stay away from massage chairs throughout your pregnancy for several additional reasons, including the following.

  • I have got morning sickness. All of that squishing and turning about could give you an upset stomach if you suffer from severe morning sickness.
  • Sciatica. If you suffer from sciatica, you may believe that receiving a massage will benefit your condition. On the other hand, it may make the pain worse since it would irritate nerves and muscles already strained or sensitive.
  • Backache. The same basic idea applies to discomfort in the lower back. Back pain during pregnancy may be challenging to manage, and your actions may aggravate the affected region.
  • It is a good idea to discuss why you wish to utilize a massage chair with a medical expert or a midwife if you are experiencing a significant amount of discomfort.


Why bother coming to massage parlors every time for only a single hour-long session when there are so many problems associated with being pregnant? At the touch of a button, a massage chair in your house may help you make the most of your opportunity to relax and reduce the amount of tension you feel.

After reading about the potential risks of using a massage chair while pregnant, you may be afraid to sit in one. But wait, there’s more: not only are massage chairs safe to use throughout pregnancy, but they also provide specific health advantages to pregnant women. The following are some of the reasons that using massage chairs when pregnant might be helpful.

Back pain and leg pain

Your back and legs may experience discomfort due to the increasing weight of your developing child. Pain in the back, as well as the legs, is a typical complaint among pregnant women, particularly those who are in their third trimester.

During this time, women were so weak that they could hardly support their weight. Your back and legs may feel better when using a massage chair to give yourself a soothing leg massage.

Improved blood flow

For its continued growth and development, the baby that is still inside of you will need enough levels of oxygen as well as other nutrients.

All of these components are delivered to your child via the blood. Because massage treatment chairs may stimulate blood circulation, having your infant sit in one can encourage healthy growth in him or her.

Relives stress and depression

The experience of stress throughout pregnancy and sadness after delivery is rather typical. After giving birth, “blue babies” affect the majority of first-time moms. After the birth of their child, one of these moms would experience more profound and more protracted depression than the others.

Pregnant ladies might benefit from the stress relief provided by massage therapy chairs. Research conducted in 2004 found that pregnant women who had a 20-minute massage once a week for the duration of their pregnancy (beginning in the second trimester) saw their serotonin and dopamine levels rise while their cortisol levels fell. [citation needed] These modifications help enhance the mother’s health throughout pregnancy, which ultimately results in the delivery of a healthy baby.


No one knows whether electric massages are safe or effective, but there’s no proof against them. Keep heat and massage settings low, but a massage chair is unlikely to worry unless you have a high-risk or complex pregnancy. Licensed massage therapists can provide the same relief as massage chairs if you can’t access one.

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